ANATOMY: a study of the structure or internal workings of something.
My name is Mike Howell and I am the founder and host of Anatomy of a Chef, where I connect chefs to the people who love their food!

Hey there!! I’m Mike Howell I am a born and raised Californian and currently live in San Diego with my native Texan wife and our 11 year old chocolate lab who still thinks she is 3 years old and able to fetch her stick for hours on end!

A Podcast is Born:

Hey there! I’m Mike Howell and I’m the host of the Anatomy of a Chef podcast — the show that gives food-lovers a sneak peek into the lives and loves of their favorite chefs.

Anatomy of a Chef Podcast was born out of a need to do something where I felt I was making a difference not only for my sake but for others as well. I soul searched for months before deciding to tell my wife what I wanted to do and what the subject matter would be. After all of the entrepreneur ideas I’ve thrown at her over 20+ years she said this was the best idea yet. I knew I was on to something!

We love to cook, and I call my wife the cover chef because she can replicate a recipe taken from the internet, magazine, or cookbook with ease. Interviewing chefs seemed like a logical to me, and I want to showcase how hard these individuals work to create an experience for a special occasion that we seldom forget.

We had Sea Bass at a Japanese restaurant in Hollywood, CA in 2002 that we still talk about today, because of the hard work of the chef and their team.

It is the stories of these individuals that I find interesting and that I want to share with my audience.

I want the listener to learn something new about their favorite chef, and their hobbies and interests outside the kitchen. This will create a personal connection to forge a relationship between the two.

My goal for this podcast is to highlight these amazing chefs so the next time you’re lucky enough to have one of them cook for you, you will know what inspires them, how they prepare seasonal dishes and where those ideas come from, but most importantly, I want to help build a relationship between these chefs and you the audience.

I chat with executive chefs, personal chefs and nutritionists who are fiercely committed to serving their clients a memorable experience through food, family, and fun. Including James Beard Nominees, a Top Chef finalist, season one winner of Master Chef, and a Top Chef Just Desserts contestant are among the amazing chefs featured on the show.

It would be a huge compliment if all of you would seek out my guests and their restaurants to experience their talent in person! Tell them how much you appreciate the food they create.,

I lived in the San Fernando valley as a toddler and moved to the Santa Clarita Valley in the mid 70’s and consider SCV to be my home town.

I didn’t attend college after high school and went back at the age of 30 with the intent of attending optometry school, but decided my time and money would be better spent on a business degree instead.

After finishing college and working as a program analyst supporting NASA in the high desert of California we decided to pick up stakes and move to Austin Texas. The best decision we have ever made!! We spent a year in Austin then moved to Houston where I worked for Boeing supporting the International Space Station, and then the Moon to Mars program.

We relocated back to California in 2014 to be closer to our aging parents and my daughter and her husband’.

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